Managing Trial Drug

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The clinical drugstore is strictly managed by professional pharmacists for storing, preparing and administering trial drug as specified in the plan by professional pharmacists, and the clinical drugstore has secured pharmacy and necessary equipment.

Work Flow Chart of Clinical Drugstore

  • Review protocol and calculate the administration and management cost of clinical trial drug
  • IRB approval Conclusion of an agreement between the client and the hospital
  • Establish the plan to participate in the start-up meeting and administer
  • Bring in drug and register drug code
  • Prepare, administer and guide the taking of clinical trial drug, record pharmacist file and manage stock
  • Monitoring
  • Finish clinical trial - check/inspect

Service Details

Service Details
Bring in, prepare and administer clinical trial drug Maintain the incoming/outgoing and management record of clinical trial drug
Guide on taking clinical trial drug to subjects Create and manage clinical trial drug code
Maintain safety and stability for storing clinical trial drug Monitoring, check and response to status survey
Manage clinical trial drug stock and returned clinical trial drug


Contact Tel
Clinical drugstore 031-787-3950