Research Coordinator Support

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The Clinical Trials Center provides the service to supply exclusive research coordinators for free to clinical studies targeting senior citizens in order to revitalize early clinical trial targeting senior citizens and support the systematic and efficient research process of researchers who intend to carry out clinical studies regarding senior citizens upon the establishment of the leading global center for early clinical trial focusing on senior citizens.

Procedure to Request for Use

Procedure to Request for Use
01 Fill out CRC service application form
  • Prepare and send the application form to File Download
02 Individual notification
  • Review the contents of application form and notify the result separately
03 Start-up meeting
  • Discuss specific methods and schedule for carrying out the research with the working group
04 Send the letter of allocation, notification
  • Send the letter of exclusive CRC allocation, notification
05 Carry out research
  • Support the progress of research according to the agreement details

Support Details

Support Details
01 Beginning the
  • Support details
  • Review protocol
  • Calculate research expense
  • Prepare IRB screening
  • Start-up meeting
02 Carrying out the
  • Support details
  • Collect subjects
  • Subject screening
  • Manage and report adverse drug reactions
  • Start-up meeting
  • Prepare case record
  • Manage base documents
03 Finish task
  • Solve CDF
  • Respond to check
  • Respond to inspection